Why MyBoss?

Myboss allows you to focus on the critical elements of HR and automates all the monotonous tasks you hate. It swaps inaccurate spreadsheets and paper file liabilities for a cutting-edge online HR system, so you can benefit from HR management software, designed to cost you less, spot your opportunities, and boost the growth of your business.

Peace of Mind

Myboss HRMS is designed to automate your business administration in a much easier way. When you have Myboss by your side, you will have more control over your business. Your employees will be happier than ever and your HR team will be relaxed.

Easy Performance Review System

Analyze your employee performance with the help of a time tracking sheet, worklog descriptions and task timer.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Simple pricing. No complicated lock-ins. Our only lever to lock-in customers is our product and service quality.

Empowered employees

Remotely access, update and interact with the data to get the jobs such as distributing pay slips, remote login/logout, applying for leaves, claims etc.

Complete Expense Management

End-to-end travel and expenses administration for all employees.

Easy to use

Both, the portal and the mobile app, are extremely easy to use, and can be operated even by people with less or no technical know-how.